Update on my progress

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with where I’m at. Here’s a list of everything I’ve done so far:

-Created a financial network roadmap


-Created a couple motivational posters on my list of personal values, the decision to be remarkable, and how to stand out in any job.


-Wrote about the ideas behind this project

-Adopted Zen Email practices

-Wrote about how The Life Year Project came to be

-Wrote about the people that surround you

-Have begun to exercise

-Created a list of books I want to read

-Read and wrote about We Die Alone

-Created a few pages on the blog

-Started reading a bunch of blog archives.

-Implemented Ben Franklin’s goal tracking system

I’ve done a bunch, and I’m honestly beginning to live the life I want. I’m pretty happy with my progress in 3 weeks of doing this. Moving forward, I plan on decluttering my stuff, volunteering in  a few places, working on Side Plot more so that I can quit my part-time job, and saving up to visit my friend Josh in the Philippines.

Also, does anyone reading know of any groups online for people working on living the life they want? I would love the community and support. If so, please comment!



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